Good news! Yuchai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. won four honorary titles, including "National Quality and Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise."

发布于: 2022-11-10 16:14

Recently, China Quality Inspection Association awarded the Yuchai Heavy Industry the honor of "National Quality and Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise" in the 2022 National "Quality Month" activity with the theme of "In-depth Implementation of Quality Improvement actions and Vigorous promotion of the construction of quality Power." Yuchai Heavy Industry has won this honor for the sixth consecutive year. At the same time, Yuchai total won four awards, including "National Quality Leading Brand of Construction Machinery Industry," "National Quality Leading Enterprise of Construction Machinery Industry," and "National Quality Leading Enterprise of Construction Machinery Industry."




For a long time, Yuchai Heavy Industry has been adhering to the quality concept of "zero defects, zero tolerance" and implementing the quality policy of "quality first, strengthening supervision and improving customer satisfaction efficiently," focusing on the whole process of production, taking quality as the starting point, comprehensively promoting lean management, and constantly building new development advantages.

In the future, Yuchai Heavy Industry will remain the original intention, promote high-quality development with a higher level of products and services and contribute to constructing a high-quality country.